Wednesday, 30 September 2015

WIP Wednesday: Pastel and Ombre

I'm on a good run with the knitting these days! Thanks to many evenings watching Once Upon A Time (which leaves things on a cliffhanger so you have to watch just one more episode!) I've been quite prolific. The above is the third preemie cardigan in just as many weeks. Starting to get more adventurous with colours - the above is going to be ombre pink!

(Pardon the quality of the photos - they were snapped quickly right before they were donated...)

This pattern is so quick and simple to knit, and I've almost got it memorised - I'll probably churn out a few more to go towards Knit-A-Soc's Christmas donation to the neonatal ward.

After that comes (dare I say it?) Christmas knitting! Only a few knitted gifts on the cards this year... I won't say what just yet, but I can show you the yarn for them...

Both are children's knits, so I've chosen some Sirdar Snuggly - lovely and soft, but still machine washable. Of course, I never work on just one project at a time, so I'm likely to cast on one or two winter warmers as well!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Link Love: September 2015

Wow! Is it the end of September already? This month seems to have passed in a blur of busy-ness! However that hasn't stopped me from finding lots of linky goodness for you all! It's a bumper lot this month, so grab a hot drink, settle yourself in your favourite comfy chair, and enjoy!

First up are these cuties! So adorable!

Creative re-imaginings of old photos - so cool!

Did you hear about THAT Taylor Swift sweater? Knitting fuses with pop culture!

Speaking of pop culture - is the RBF really worth all the talk?

Perhaps a cure to the above issues - can we all have awesome lunches like these? Please?

Interesting list of English facts - totally bringing back the "elf-choke" at the next available opportunity!

Handwriting is more than it seems...

Related: I've found a new obsession - snail mail is back!

Alongside snail mail - is knitting a lost art?

More knitting: we should all be picking up our needles this winter!!

You know I love my lists! Inspiration to be found HERE and HERE.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

WIP Wednesday: Knits and Stitches

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful feedback on the RainbowRainbow shawlette! It's been so encouraging to know that it's been well received - I may even design more patterns! 

Well, it's cold season again, and I don't just mean the cooler temperatures! Unfortunately I've been battling a rather horrible cold - boo! However, all that resting time has meant that I've got some exciting new WIPs! Although I originally said I wanted to finish all my other works in progress first, there have been too much inspiration on Instagram and on blogs not to cast on a few new things.

One such project (inspired by the jumper knit by @onecraftymumma ) is this lovely all-in-one preemie jumper! I have been meaning to knit some preemie things for the Nottingham QMC for a while, and this pattern seemed perfect!

Also on the needles - some preemie hats!

Recently I've also diverged from my usual yarny path and taken up some hand-piecing... I've had a few patchwork projects on the go for several years now, and felt it was time for me to dig them out of hibernation! This bear paw block is the latest one to be worked on - I have been saving up pretty batik fabrics, but now it's time for some sewing!

Now, I know I probably have enough WIPs, as those in this post are not the only ones I have on the go. But I couldn't resist starting another...

This is the first block from a sampler that my mom designed, and my friend and I have both decided to make our own and we are calling them our friendship quilts!

So that's all that I'm working on at the moment! What's on your needles?

Friday, 4 September 2015

FO Friday: RainbowRainbow Shawlette (+ pattern release)

Introducing... the RainbowRainbow Shawlette!
This pattern has been in the works for a while, and now it's time for it's great release!

This triangular shawlette is knit in DK yarn with 5mm needles, and works up quickly to make a lovely, squishy, winter knit! It works to showcase a variagated yarn - so perfect for those hand-dyes! 

It's suitable for beginners looking for a first shawl, or for more experienced knitters looking for a simple, relaxing project!
It's a free pattern, and can be found HERE.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wishful Wednesday...

This is what my life looks like at the moment! Full of life's little lovelies - reading good books, good magazines, drinking cups of hot chocolate, and a bit of knitting...

Okay, a lot of knitting.

Which is why this isn't your usual WIP Wednesday post - I've been completing more than I've been starting! I still have this pair of socks on the needles and they haven't gotten any bigger because I've been working on other things, and I'm pretty sure knitting doesn't grow unless you work on it. (Unless someone has come up with magic knitting needles? If you know if someone has invented those yet, let me know in the comments!)

But that's all there is! I'm thinking I need to start some new projects... you know, just so I have something to blog about... and also because my head is brimming with projects that I want to make. A couple of hats, some fingerless gloves, some preemie knits, innocent smoothie hats, and I may dig out some of my quilt projects just for good measure.

Where to begin? Stay tuned :)

Friday, 28 August 2015

Friday Link Love: August 2015

Wow! Where did August go? Seems just yesterday that it was the beginning of summer, and now autumn is fast approaching. I'm not complaining, of course - we are heading into my favourite time of year, when it's the perfect weather to cozy up with warm quilts, hot chocolate, a good book, and lots of knitting!
You know what's also fun on a rainy afternoon? Friday links!

Is red candy really everyone's favourite?

Hear hear, Neil Gaiman! Reading is the key to the future...

Speaking of books, does anyone remember Wishbone? Such a great show!

Thanks to a very talented artist, we can now see Disney Princes as they'd look in real life!

But Disney may have it all wrong, according to this open letter... an interesting perspective!

12 things for those who sew.

Knitting celebrities - some are quite surprising!

Words of Wisdom from Tiny Buddha :-)

Hope you've had a lovely August! I wonder what September will bring?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

It's Finished!

A basket of ends can only mean one thing...

Okay, so I know I would usually wait for a WIP Wednesday or FO Friday or some other fun alliterative title, but LOOK!!!
It's finished! It's finished! It's finished!

 I'm so pleased with how this has turned out! It took forever, but considering I made it up as I went along, I think the end product is quite nice, don't you?

It's another one for the hospice, as all the materials are from the Knit-A-Soc stash, with a few additions. From what I purchased, there is some of the grey left over, and a couple of pinks, so I can see a matching winter hat and glove set in my future... a nice reminder of the blanket!
This is definitely a pattern to remember for the future, as it was easy to grow attached to it as hexagon by hexagon was added...

...and the finished blanket came into being!

Ravelry project page HERE.
Join as you go technique from Attic24 HERE.